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Pepite club: the community that will help you succeed

Share and stay in touch with inspiring people and achieve your personal and professional goals.


Why subscribe to (+3000 subscribers) helps you optimize the management of:

  • Your MONEY




But what does this mean concretely?

For simplicity:

  • We are not going to you show how to get rich in one night : many gurus on the internet and other dream sellers are already doing it very well. No need to overdo it (Warning! we believe that it is possible to become rich overnight, but we consider this an exception not a norm).

  • We are not going to you offer training at €5,000 per year: there are already plenty of them on the internet, some very very good and some very very very… very (you have understood) bad.

  • We will try not towaste your time: it is far too valuable.

Here's what we can do for you

On PepiteClub, you will find:

  • 💰 How to make more money : thanks to the stock market, physical or paper real estate and other forms of investment often unknown to the general public

  • 🚀Comment Booster yourProductivity : to finally launch this project you've been talking about for 2 and a half years or simply avoid self-flagellation because you never finish what you start!

  • 📚 How to read more than 10 books a week: thanks to complete summaries of the best books of our time, to be read in less than 10 min.

If these topics interest you, you have come to the right place. Here you will receive all our quality content and you can interact with club members.

Imagine if you could improve by 1% every day. What could you become after a year?

A few things to get you started...

💰 Personal finance

To take care of your money and earn more

⌚ Productivity, Coaching and Personal Development

To become an even better version of yourself

🕵️ Humanities, Politics and Society

To better understand the world of yesterday, today and tomorrow

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Join the community (already more than 3000 subscribers)

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